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WRR Update – Stats for 2008

First thing I would like to do is thank everyone for getting us to 60 reviews on iTunes before AMVIV! You guys are awesome, and there is time to spare. Do I hear 70?

And, for those of you that are curious (and because I just can’t help myself), for the year that was 2008…

  • Almost 110k of you visited whiteroofradio.com almost 300K times
  • We pushed 1.2 TeraBytes of show out. That’s 1200GB
  • You downloaded 384K episodes!
  • Woofcast 30, 36 & 119 were all downloaded almost 11K times each

Sure, that’s not the greatest traffic or huge numbers for a podcast by any means, but I am more than a little pleased!

Thanks and keep it up!

Watch later in the week for a brand new event cast! That’s right, Michael and I revivied it and and new one will be out this week!

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