Woofcast 694: End of the Year News

Big show to close out 2023! Full crew too! A quick heads up, it’s not, it’s the audio for this episode. And, we do go a little long.

Lots of news from Motoringfile.com including:

Long show. Don’t forget to go over to BlackRoofRadio.com to download not 1, but 2 additional episodes! The first one has some great information on why we hate the sunroof, and sunroofs in general. The 2nd is for you, the true BRR fan.

Enjoy the end of your year everyone! We look forward to talking about more MINI Cooper stuff in 2024!

Woofcast 693: Since Todd Already Bought One

After a 2 week delay that was 100% my fault, I am proud to deliver the latest episode of White Roof Radio. Getting started with news and MINIUSA on again off again manual transmission status is finally updated, for reals, to no longer offering a manual transmission on any of the models. Of course, details on getting one can be found at MotoringFile.

Gabe also just wrapped up his stint with the worse named MINI in the history of MINI; The Untamed Edition. The short version you hear, for the full review, including video, can also be found at MF. By the way, Untamed is worse than Untold, don’t listen to two weeks ago db, he was wrong.

Moving on, we all agree that the R53 is the G.O.A.T. Chad does school us on some gotchas that can come along with owning an old MINI. Gabe is looking really hard at getting an R53, but that could change. What do you think he should get?

Special thanks to the extra technical info provided by Chad! Are you looking for the sunroof drain fix? Detroit Tuned has your covered!

From the archives, when we talked to Randy Webb during Woofcast 9 when Todd learned what adiabatic expansion was. By following that link, you will find that episode 9 has been restored! And, as mentioned, you really can’t beat watching James May reassemble anything, especially a Honda Monkey. This is worth the 45 minutes.

Woofcast 692: MINI is Going Electric

Starting off reminding you that MotoringFile.com is the only source for MINI Cooper news. If you disagree, or prefer to get MINI news elsewhere, please, let us know. Also, we have all pretty much stopped using X/Twitter and can find us on Threads (and, in my case, Mastodon too!). Before getting into it, this is your reminder that there was a brand new episode of Black Roof available, 100% free of charge!

Ok, with that out of the way, click over to MotoringFile and start scrolling. I recommend that you start with Gabe’s take on the MINI Cooper Electric, then, check out his take on the Electric Countryman. From there, go where you like to get ALL of the information about these two MINIs. There is a ton, photos, specs, everything to make your MINI nerd heart happy!

And, we promise the next show will be for us OG MINI people to talk about the R cars and cool stuff being done by our man Chad at Detroit Tuned and MINIs on the Mac (Spoiler: they did not break the record). It will be hoot!

Woofcast #691: The New Interior

We were able to check everything out earlier in the week and it’s been difficult not sharing this sooner! While you listen, go ahead and open up MotoringFile to view the pictures and see what we are talking about. It’s very cool!

We teased this during Black Roof. Remember, this is always a free download. While you are there, if you want to help keep WRR listener supported, you can do that too! Thank you for your support!

Don’t forget to get your favorite graphics and badges over at MotoringStripes.com, including the Pride Badge!

For those of you playing the home game, there are a few updates under the White Roof! First, The Hollywood Car Show is back, baby! Fireball Tim and I talking about movie cars, diecast, movies and TV. It’s so fun and we hope you’ll give us a listen! Also, Ride Bikes Radio is making it’s triumphant return with updates from our boy Brian, and myself, talking about riding bikes, like we like to do.

Woofcast 690: Feels Like Getting out of an F150

Todd, Chad and db catching you up on all things MINI, directly from MotoringFile. No Gabe this week as he is self-embargoing all of the new MINI stuff that is coming up later this summer! It is going to be very cool. Make sure you are following MotoringFile.com for all of the news when it becomes available. Best way to follow is RSS. Next best way to follow is the MF Instagram account.

If you missed the Pride Motoring Badge at MotoringStripes.com it’s ok. Just go over and get it ordered. Pride isn’t only a month long!

Finally, a few changes coming. I am expecting to get Ride Bikes Radio back up and running within the next couple of weeks, and our man Fireball will be joining me again for The Hollywood Car Show with the first episode also dropping in just a few weeks. It’s going to be an exciting summer!


Woofcast 690: They Should Have Called it Winston

Big show for you this week! Lots about electric MINIs, but first, let’s begin by providing our thoughts about Spike, and we might not have had anything nice to say about it.

It’s almost time to remind you about the awesome that was Hammer and Coop. Then we get right into the electric MINI stuff, starting with Gabe’s latest opinion piece.

For those of you that are looking for our pre-show, you can find that, 100% free of charge, at BlackRoofRadio.com. While you are there, if you would like to support the show, awesome! If not, that is totally ok too!

Other links from this episode:

Woofcast 688: The Electric MINI is Dead. Long live the Electric MINI

We woke up and realized that it’s been quite a while since we last made a show. So, let’s get right to it since I’m also terribly late getting this one posted! Kicking things off, a quick reminder is that there is a new episode of Black Roof Radio available to download.

Once we get started, the title of the show pretty much describes what we were seeing at Motoringfile when we recorded. Needless to say, we are talking a lot about electric MINIs this episode. And nerd website stuff. And, Go Motoring (#IYKYK). This is to serve as your reminder that MotoringFile is your best source for MINI news. Gabe is the only one out there, really, that has the inside track. Trust me.

Add in the MINI boobs and some chatGPT and we have ourselves a show!

Finally, don’t forget the OG sponsors of White Roof Radio and Motoringfile: Outmotoring.com, Cravenspeed.com, Motoringstripes.com and Detroit Tuned.