Woofcast 674: 85 Years of White Roof Radio

Y’all came this close (db pinches fingers) to getting an actual gin show this week. Instead, Gabe was able to join us so we talked about MINI stuff instead! Since Gabe joined us, we allowed him to wax poetic about his 2020 JCW Clubman (spoiler alert: he loves it) and we answer listener email! Oh, and you guys already watched the Goodwood Mini Race already, right? Spoil yourself, put it on the TV. Trust us.

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Woofcast 673: What makes the F56 Best MINI Ever

This week, I decided we should spend some time talking about the NFL engines that are in the current generation of MINIs; the B38 from the Cooper and the Chevy 350 of BMW engines, theb48 from just about everything. Luckily, we managed to get Gabe to join in the discussion. Hopefully you enjoy!

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Woofcast 672 – Good in Small Doses

Full crew this week and we jump right into Gabe’s first impression of the 2021 MINI Convertible. He spent 1,000 miles with it and thought it was a great car. Watch for his upcoming review at MotoringFile. Plus a whole bunch of other MINI stuff that we actually got to talk about. Sweet!

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Woofcast 671: We Crack Ourselves Up

This week catching up with Chad finally, talk about the Paul Smith MINI and Todd has the scoop on HK availability in upcoming deliveries and an interview with our buddy Pat McKenna! Oh, and Gabe is a jerk (his words!)!

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Woofcast 670: Introducing the 2016 MINI Cooper Superleggara?

It’s good to be back. All MINIs, all the time here this week. I have joined the F56 club, Gabe has added an Oxford Edition to his garage, and Todd just ordered 2 JCW MINIs because he says he isn’t getting a GP3.

We talked about quite a bit this episode, links are below.

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Woofcast 668: First Gen MINI is the Best Modern MINI

Just Chad and I talking about how awesome the R50/R53 was. Gabe joins us for a few minutes to add to it. And Chad gives us some great tips on what we should be doing for care and maintenance of our MINIs since they aren’t getting driven as much as before. At least, mine isn’t.

We talked about a few things, like:

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Woofcast 667: The Quarantine Show

In this, the show formally known as Woofcast 66six, we meet up on Zoom since that seems to be the cool thing to do. As mentioned, please excuse any quality and delays. And, to go a bit in reverse, please don’t forget any of the fine sponsors under the White Roof Radio that have been supporting us and all of our habits since 2006!

Now that we have paid the bills, here are a few of the things we talk about.

Thanks for joining us gang. Stay safe and wash your hands!