1 year ago…

Today in fact I posted my very first podcast. Of course I never thought that that I would be here telling you we are getting ready to put up our 101st show at WhiteRoofRadio (show #74/#75 actually, but with the club and event shows, audio reviews and other misc. whatnot, it’s 100) and planning what to do for woofcast 100 and beyond!

This was only something to do to kill a few hours a week when I started it. Then Todd came on board and it rocked. Then we brought in Gabe (and the latest news from Motoringfile) and it rocked even more. Slowly but surely we have developed it into what it is now.

But, there is no way it would have gotten as far as it has without you, the listener, and all of your feedback, participation and help in promoting WRR to everyone that would listen. THANK YOU!

Is there more stuff coming in the future? Oh yea, you bet! Robert will continue to send in those soundseeing tours (I think they are just an excuse to have a young pretty girl ride shotgun, but I could be wrong), Michael Babishkin and I will be revisiting the event cast in July, covering all of the club stuff for MTTS. Plus the woofcasts will continue with more product reviews, more interviews and, of course, more yellow/automatic bashing!

Thanks for listening!

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  1. Thank god MINI is reintroducing another yellow, or you guys would be screwed!

    Always pure enjoyment.
    Thanks for all the work fellas.


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