3 Guys in a MINI

3 guysJust 3 Americans, cruising in an R56 from Amsterdam to Zandvoort, Netherlands.

We had just finished cruising the canals of Amsterdam with MINIUSA and were heading back to MINI United. Talking about cars, MINIs and, of course, MINI United. We never did get a chance for the karting, but all of us got some seat time on the track, so we were good.

The picture you see if from our friend Tim’s flickr pool, in case you missed them. Be sure to check out the MINI United Flickr stream if you haven’t already for a whole bunch of great shots!

Check back tomorrow for Todd and I going through the factory.

Oh yea, forgot to mention this earlier, but none of us could get together this week to get a show done. Don’t worry, we’ll back in full force, all caught up after vacation, next week for 2 full shows!

3 Guys in a MINI:

Download | 11:08 | 5.2MB

10 replies on “3 Guys in a MINI”

  1. The excitement in your voices is terrific in this show. Too bad about the Sport button. I could hear the disappointment – but not for long!

    Great stuff. Can’t wait for the factory tour.


  2. Yeah, no offense to Red Bull or anything but the stuff is a vile concoction. I had never tasted it until that day and, well, the girl handing them out from the Red Bull MINI was kinda cute so we were being polite. 😉

  3. pixie sticks are one thing…sugar and phony flavoring. but redbull tastes like medicine, like generic brand ‘tussin but made with 10 year old artificial cherry flavoring and pee. i agree with todd, vile.

    db didn’t sound too horribly uncomfortable in the back seat of the R56.


  4. >db didn’t sound too horribly uncomfortable in the back seat of the R56.

    That’s because I wasn’t. It was remarkably comfy sitting behind the drivers seat for about 1/2 hour each way.

    I guess the extra couple of inches do make a difference.

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