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  1. Regarding your Dealer Service podcast:

    I would like to better understand our rights to modify the car without voiding the warranty.

    Also what is acceptable dealer behavior and quality standards. i.e, should it take 3 hours for an oil change while you wait at the dealership… and what should your recourse be if you take in the car for an issue, and they repeatedly can not either identify or repair what is wrong.

    Thanks guys… keep up the fantastic work…

    You are the only pod cast I listen to …

    Best of luck,


  2. Thanks for covering my question on your Woof #2 !!!

    Keep up the great work!!!

    DB, I am a southern California guy… Will be at SuperAutoBacs in Orange County August 13th helping with C3Club.org – if you can stop by look me up!


    – Charlie

  3. Dang. August 13 I’ll be out at Willow Springs with SCMM, otherwise I’d be all over it. That store is awesome!

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