AMVIV Update

amviv6shbackFor those that aren’t subscribed to the email list (you can subscribe here), here is the latest AMVIV 09 update from Grandmaster Agro.

For those of you that are concerned about the Station Casinos, please be sure to pay very close attention to the first paragraph.

I was just cruising through the attendee list and see that Canada will be representin’ big time, as will the PDX area. Of course, White Roof Radio will be there too.

Hi everyone. I’ve had a few worried emails from people concerned about Station Casinos bankruptcy talks. I just got off the phone with Connie at Palace and she assures me that this is no problem for us. Palace Station will be operating exactly as in prior years for AMVIV and we have nothing to worry about on that front.

On a different but still Palace related note, I convinced her to extend the group rate on the hotel by another week and a half. Our pickup is lower than in past years, so they are willing to work with us to get you the best rate we can. I know that people are concerned about finances and such, but this is a cheap Vegas weekend, especially if you can mostly stay away from the machines and tables.

How to book:

This year, you can book your room online at the group rate. Use this link.

Call the Palace Station Reservations Office at 1-800-634-3101

Use reservation ID “PCIAMV9” or identify yourself as a Sin City MINI Club attendee

Reservations MUST be made by 2/22/09

All room rates are plus tax.

Discounted rates apply to rooms booked for 03/24/2009 – 03/31/2009.

I want to make sure that you are all aware of the car show this year. In past years, we have held an “attendee voted” car show at the Boot N Bonnet Show with trophies at the Saturday evening banquet. This year, instead, there will be an actual judged car show held at a local charity’s facility in Henderson. The charity is Safe House which helps the victims of domestic abuse. In this economy, domestic abuse often rises while the funding for helping its victims dries up. So the Sin City MINI Club is working with Safe House to help get them some funds while adding something new to AMVIV. If you want to enter your car in the show, you will pay a small entry fee DIRECTLY TO SAFE HOUSE STAFF when you get to the show. This fee will be fully tax deductible as a charitable contribution. If you want to come down and look at the cars, there is will be no fee, though if you want to donate to Safe House, they will gladly accept your donations. The Sin City MINI Club will also be making a donation of some of the AMVIV proceeds to Safe House. Find out more about Safe House at

To get more spectators to the show, the Poker Run will end at the car show. Please stay around and make the show a success.

We have had a smaller signup of vendors this year than in the past few years. If you go to the vendors page at and your favorite MINI vendor isn’t listed, contact them and ask them if they are planning on going to AMVIV. They are running businesses, and if they think it will cost them more to attend than they can earn here, it doesn’t make sense for them attend. Let them know that you want to see them here and that you want to buy from them.

We are also tracking a bit behind last year for event registrations. As of Feb 10th last year, we had about 230 cars registered. This year we are at 171. If you are planning on coming and haven’t registered yet, please go ahead and do it. The registration count is something that vendors use to work out if it makes sense to attend and the SCMC uses to work out how many books we need to print and how many registration packets we’ll need to make up. If we get 100 in the last couple of days of registrations, we might run out of books or lanyards or some of the other goodies.

That’s about it for now.

Hopefully, I’ll see you here next month.

Andrew Ross aka Agro

President, Sin City MINI Club

Coordinator, A MINI Vacation In Vegas