Ask Chad #001

Finishing our catching up from MTTS, we ended up with more Ask Chad than we could fit into our normal episodes. Bonus for you!

In this episode we answer questions about suspension, oil catch cans, tires and wheels and more! Watch for us to do this more often, also watch for us to do this as a live show in the very near future.

Ask Chad 001:

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3 replies on “Ask Chad #001”

  1. In 15″ size, I am a huge fan of the Goodyear Eagle GT in 195/60-15. They are V speed rated and M+S for reasonable all-season performance.

    I had a set as that I ran on my R53 (yes, I put 15s on my R53) as a cold-season/winter tire. I ran 17s with a summer compound during the warm weather.

    They were great on the highway, had good traction and were quiet. I also ran the Dragon several times (‘spirited pace’) with them and was extremely pleased — they did great.

    To magnify db’s point — I had a set of Michelins in 15″ that were clearly not a performance tire — simply scary. Made the MINI handle like a Lincoln Town Car (and yes, I’ve driven a Lincoln Town Car). Got rid of them in a hurry. While I know Michelin does make some great performance tires — their 15″ tires are NOT.

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