A reminder

Don’t forget this Sunday we will be covering Dealer service AND taking listener emails/IM’s while we record. Here are the particulars.. -Email live@whiteroofradio.com -IM us at WhiteRoofRadio via AIM or iChat The fun starts at 12:00 PST (2:00 CST and 3:00 EST).


To the new WhiteRoofRadio.com! Check back, the next episode will be posted 08/03/05. Some of the edges are still rough, but we’ll be smooting those out over the next couple of days. If you come across something though, please feel free to leave a comment!

db & Todd cast #4.3

Todd and I were testing tonight, and I thought I would go ahead and share. Actually, some corrections from the last and information pertaining to future ‘casts. Show Notes For now, db & Todd podcasts (no, not toddcasts) episodes will be posted every Sunday before 10:00PM PST Corrections, corrections, corrections Future features of the podcast …