Automobile drives the Paceman

The pre-production Paceman is definitely getting a work out. A few weeks ago the lads from Evo magazine had a go, now it’s Automobile’s turn.

>We drove a pre-production, 1821hp Paceman Cooper S All4.

That’s a jab I couldn’t resist. But, seriously, could you imagine if the Paceman **did** have 1,821 HP?

>As a daily transport tool, the Paceman is decently practical, and its rear seats are fairly easy to access. Headroom will be a bit tight for those over six feet, and making your escape will be a struggle for those who cast a broader shadow. The trunk is not generously dimensioned, but the rear seats fold forward. In other respects, the Paceman is much the same as the Countryman, right down to the same set of small flaws, including excess wind noise, an occasionally rattling dashboard, and the general sense that this car is not as refined as it should be.

Less than a year until it comes out, who’s in?


4 replies on “Automobile drives the Paceman”

  1. “general sense that this car is not as refined as it should be” – that’s my issue with MINI now, especially when price passes mid $30Ks as it easily can!

    1. I couldn’t agree more Ian. I hope that what they are referring to is pre-production build issues. I hope they figure out a way to make it more MINI-like at the same time.

  2. @Ian @db I agree with both of you and you can add to that “…excess wind noise, an occasionally rattling dashboard..” Unfortunately, I don’t think any of those issues are going away anytime soon so you can count me out. However, I’m glad to read once in a while that not everyone in the WRR/Motoring File house is always ecstatic regarding MINI. Thanks @db!

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