B-Spec MINI: Racing on the Cheap

Don’t lie. Who among us has had the thought of actually racing a MINI in a sanctioned race after a few weekends at the track? I know it’s something I’ve thought quite a bit about. The problem that I always find is actually making that happen and justifying the cost. Not any longer.

As you might already know, MINI of Charleston has built a B-Spec MINI that is legal to race in in Grand AM, World Challenge, SCCA, NASA, BMW Car Club and Canadian Touring Car. Not only have they built it, but they are selling a kit that you can buy and install to any 2007 or newer R56 MINI Cooper for about $6500 (not including tires, wheels or seats). They can’t do the installation for you, but after talking to them during MTTS 2012, the installations are pretty straightforward if you can handle a wrench or have a local shop you prefer to use.

I saw this car on the track at Autobahn Country Club. I wasn’t able to drive or ride but I did hear and see it. Not only does it look and sound like a race car, it is still street legal, which means you could drive it to the track, swap on your track wheels, tires and brakes, and spend the weekend racing.

Parts, pricing and contact details can be found in this B Spec Brochure (pdf).

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  1. Actually, since the airbags and other saftey equipment needs to be removed, the car is no longer street legal. In the attached pdf, you have to sign some waiver for that.

    1. I missed that. Good eye! I would be that you could still build it out to B-Spec and keep it street legal if you don’t change the seats or steering wheel or remove any of the airbags. I’ll have to check with them about that. I do recall speaking with Brad Smith about keeping it street legal and he told me that it is possible. But my memory fails me more often that not. 🙂

  2. Is there a way that I can get a print (8×10) of this photo? I acquired the driver’s door skin today from the BMW CCA Foundation. There are other parts on display, but because of the damage, they had it for sale. This is the only picture I can find that includes the damage.

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