db & Todd cast #6

For your listening pleasure, I am proud to announce PodCast #6… Notes:Show -Gabe isn’t talking through a toilet paper tube. -’06 pricing -How do get be a test driver for BMW? -Call them horseshoe wheels -Gabe thinks liquid yellow is too Ikea. -db is the only one that likes Solid Gold, kinda. -Black is back. […]

db & Todd cast #5.5

Like a podcasting machine we are…actually, just trying to keep you interested and listening. Notes We are not Zaino haters…really! We both live in the middle of nowhere We will try to keep the podcasts shorter Todd is a mac guy, db on windows…who’s the bigger geek? Sunday’s episode review…Dealer service and Gabe with the […]

db & Todd cast #5

Todd and I are at it again! #5 is ready for your download pleasure. update…I was experiencing problems with the feed. If you tried to download with iPodder or iTMS and it didn’t work, please try again…/update Topic: Car care/detailing Notes: –Meguiars.com –Zaino -Discussion about polish, wax, clay bar and auto wash soap -Do not […]

db & Todd cast #4.3

Todd and I were testing tonight, and I thought I would go ahead and share. Actually, some corrections from the last and information pertaining to future ‘casts. Show Notes For now, db & Todd podcasts (no, not toddcasts) episodes will be posted every Sunday before 10:00PM PST Corrections, corrections, corrections Future features of the podcast […]