Technical Difficulty (again)

I am sorry to report that, as I write this, that is exactly what Todd’s recording rig looks like. Ok, probably without the fire. And, maybe not so much with the sad face in neon. But, if you ask Todd, he’ll tell you that’s exactly what it looks like. So, between the holiday here in […]

We’re back!

Todd, Gabe and myself **finally** all got together last night (albeit at different times) to record Woofcast 297! Gabe and Todd discussed the news while Todd and myself offer our recap of MINI United. Coming up on Woofcast 300 in the next few weeks. Oh yea, it will be live, unless you have a better […]

White Roof Radio AMVIV Update

A MINI Vacation in Vegas is 1 week from today friends! Are you ready? If you have already registered, great job! If not, there is still time, but not much. Registration will **close** tomorrow at noon! After that, banquet tickets will no longer be available and no guarantee of a shirt or a hat and […]