The first of what will be a few changes coming down the pipe for the site you can see above (or go here if you don’t see anything different).

Gone are the links at the top of the page. Actually, they are still there, just not on the front page. Back is the pop-up player (even opens in a new window).

Of course, you will still be able to play each episode on the show notes page, that isn’t going to go away.

The other icons, left to right are:

  • iTunes. Clicking this will open iTunes and subscribe you to WRR immediately. Of course, you can still go to our iTunes page if you like to leave a review or subscribe properly.
  • The Feed. This is for those of you that would rather subscribe any other way besides iTunes. Right/CMD click and choose Copy Link for your reader of choice.
  • Motoringbadges. Opens in a new window or tab so you can continue listening while you browse the badges.

If something seems weird or not working correctly for you, be sure to let us know.

Watch later for a brand new soundseeing tour from Robert. That will be going into the feed later today.