Check your oil, again.

Hanging out at MINI of Ontario yesterday and talking to the service manager who tells me that he has had 4 cars, recently, with engines that were in need of replacement due to oil starvation, including an MCS with less than 15k miles on the clock.

Haven’t we talked about that?

Next time you fuel your MINI, take the 30 seconds to check your oil. Remind everyone at the next club meeting you go to. Start a thread on a message board. Something. There is no reason for you to lose your engine because it ran out of oil!

If you forgot how to check your oil, or aren’t terribly sure about the procedure, check out the video above to set your straight. If you are low, head to your local MINI Cooper dealer’s parts counter and they will sell you all you need. No dealer nearby? Your local parts house sells Castro Synthetic which works in a pinch. Or punch up your favorite MINI Cooper after-market shop like, Detroit Tuned, or Moss MINI to get it as well.

This is turning into an epidemic of epidemic proportions gang for something that is easily corrected with a minute of time and a couple of quarts of $5 oil.

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