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Mini Paul is looking for comments!

This is a call out to owners and drivers of classic minis and the new BMW minis. In my next podcast I’m going to talk about the reasons why the public favour both types of car so much and how they have both have built up huge worldwide fan bases. You might own a BMW mini and want to know what happened to the classic mini, or may own a classic mini and wonder why BMW stuck a mini badge on a modern car.

Please email me with your thoughts and audio comment by Friday the 30th September. As always the email is paul(at)minipaul(dot)co(dot)uk.

So cruise over and give a listen to his Promo and get all this info.

Go on. Help a fellow Mini Podcaster out!

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  1. Link for promo is not working.
    check it out.

    Plus I have a meet I am trying to put together at Nemacolin, near pittsburgh, for their Auto and Air show and I would like to get MINI’s and Mini’s to show up.
    Check out on NAM where I talk about it.
    Its Free!

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