Club Spotlight #2

Continuing the Club Spotlight Series, I interview George Marsh, President of SoCal MINI Maniacs.

Listen in to hear about some upcoming events and benefits of membership!

Thanks again to George for taking time out for the interview.

We’ll be back in March with another club to spotlight, so keep an eye out!

db & Todd did the hard part
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3 replies on “Club Spotlight #2”

  1. out of hatred for Larry the Cableguy I almost can’t bring myself to clicking on “Get ‘er done!” However, my love for this show will allow me to. I will just close my eyes and imagine a catch phrase from someone who is actually funny. Oh wait, funny comedians don’t have to rely on catch phrases.

  2. you know, I didn’t even think of that. I was just trying to come up with something clever. Now that I think about it, Larry the cable guy isn’t clever.

    I’ll try harder next time and conduct proper research 😉

  3. Sorry about that. It was rude of me to insult anyone’s comic tastes. I tend to lean towards the Patton Oswalt, David Cross, Dane Cook, Brian Reagan, Mitch Hedberg (RIP), Todd Barry kind of stuff. Now, if you were quoting the cable guy to be ironic, I can stand behind that 🙂

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