4 replies on “Club Spotlight #4”

  1. Good stuff! Sounds like a great club. Thanks for the interview, and the good Motoring ideas.

  2. db,

    Cool interview. It’s nice that such a huge club is ‘due-free’! I also appreciated the reference to the Victory Junction Gang Camp in Randleman, NC as their charity of choice. Kyle and Patti Petty (along with countless contributors in and out of NASCAR) have put their heart and soul into making this camp a great experience for kids who would normally not be able to enjoy a summer camp experience.

    I also liked the ‘adopt a highway’ project. Very cool way to give back to the community. Nice job, Mark. Thanks db for your Spotlights.

    Ron in Chicago.

  3. Thanks Ron! It’s been my goal to make this club one that others will see as a different kind of club. It’s all about fun and giving back!

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