db & Todd cast #5

Todd and I are at it again! #5 is ready for your download pleasure.

update…I was experiencing problems with the feed. If you tried to download with iPodder or iTMS and it didn’t work, please try again…/update

Topic: Car care/detailing

-Discussion about polish, wax, clay bar and auto wash soap
-Do not eat or drink car care products
-Next week’s special guest (oh no, you have to listen)
-New features for the podcast

I missed Acetone. After careful consideration, not such a great idea since the chrome on our cars is actually chromed plastic, not chrome metal. So, ignore that part.

Since we covered such a broad topic, we did go a little long (47:31). We both re-listened and we think we covered a lot of ground and it went well. Next time, we’ll split the broad topics into multiple episodes…or not. Let us know what you think!

Next week’s topic will be about Dealer service. Comments or short stories? send them to us at radio (at) dbmini (dot) us

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