db & Todd cast #5.5

Like a podcasting machine we are…actually, just trying to keep you interested and listening.


  • We are not Zaino haters…really!
  • We both live in the middle of nowhere
  • We will try to keep the podcasts shorter
  • Todd is a mac guy, db on windows…who’s the bigger geek?
  • Sunday’s episode review…Dealer service and Gabe with the news (no, really)
  • Our first *easter egg*. No, you have to listen to the whole thing. I will tell you that it is past the end…just listen
  • New domain, new features for the podcast, new features on dbmini and other geek-type stuff

Thanks again for listening gang! Comments or questions leave them here in the show note comments or email us at radio (at) dbmini (dot) us.

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