db & Todd cast #6

For your listening pleasure, I am proud to announce PodCast #6…

-Gabe isn’t talking through a toilet paper tube.
-’06 pricing
-How do get be a test driver for BMW?
-Call them horseshoe wheels
-Gabe thinks liquid yellow is too Ikea.
-db is the only one that likes Solid Gold, kinda.
-Black is back.
-Dealers using Motoringfile
The PodCast drinking game
-No Recaro seats, but add a schroth harness and it’s not needed, we think.
-MF comments are entertaining
-Todd needs to update his bookmarks
-db doesn’t know what German money is called

-I mentioned this in the ‘cast, but the new domain, whiteroofradio.com will hopefully be going live with #7. I’ll post here again, but a keep an eye out this week for the next episode topic and possibly some cool listener interaction (or, intervention, depending on how it’s going). Also, I will be moving all of the podcasts and show notes to that site so I can resume my personal stuff and silly news.

-The quality is about as good as I could get it without clipping. We are still tweaking the technology to make this as good as possible, but sometimes the technology doesn’t want to co-operate. We do appreciate your patience as we get the details hammered out.

One more time, and extra special super duper thanks to Gabe Bridger for being our guest this week (and not sounding like Mickey Mouse on helium) 🙂

We will cover Dealer service in a future episode. Sorry for the change up.

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