For you windows users…

Less than 24 hours have passed and there is already a vulnerability in the Internet Explorer code base.

This one is nasty too gang. With IE 7 installed, a website can get access to any site you have visited, using your creditials for that site! Like, your bank, your paypal account, your gmail account or your eBay account. If you don’t log off from those sites and hit a site that exploits this vulnerability you will, essentially, be hosed.

Tell all of your Windows XP users now! DO NOT INSTALL IE 7!

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12 replies on “DO NOT INSTALL IE 7!”

  1. This is a 2 on their scale (Less critical). Number 3 under Most Popular Advosories as I write is “Mozilla Firefox / Multiple Vulnerabilities” which is a 4 (Highly critical) [] and there’s also an Apple Airport advisory which is a 4 (Highly critical)[]. Plus, any browser with plugins, such as Flash, is vulnerable, as seen in []. So “all y’all” IE haters shouldn’t be so smug.

    I agree this site isn’t the place for this stuff.

  2. I totaly disagree with those that think this is not the place for this.

    Getting the word out and helping everyone keep thier computers a bit safer is allways a good thing.

    Thanks DB for the tip.


  3. ” there’s also an Apple Airport advisory which is a 4 (Highly critical)[] ”

    Except the Airport flaw was quickly patched! Microsoft is still farting around!

    Think Different!

  4. browser is trying to be too cute, hard to manage and just does not work, i have a brand new hp laptop, and it made it freeeze time and time again, it sucked !

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