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Way back in October I added an email update option in conjuction with Feedburner. If you are too busy to check every day or haven’t been able to subscribe using any of the methods listed on the left, this is your ticket!

Everytime something new happens here under the Whiteroof you’ll be notified the next day via your email inbox! Go ahead, give it a go.

This will give you a link to the show plus any images that are posted (but not in the gallery).

And, don’t worry, you’re info is safe. We aren’t going to sell it or anything silly like that. It’s just another way for you to get all the Whiteroofradio goodness you can stand!

5 replies on “Email updates”

  1. Hello, I have been listening to our show from the beginning and I have to say its progressively gotten better.(bad english).
    I was going to get a mini cooper S but then I changed my mind to get a TDI because Gass is very pricey. but now I think I will go back to getting a Mini Cooper S. but I thin Im going ot get one used, so I may not get 100% what I want. anywho. For someone that is looking for a mini as soon as the wife and I get a C bill or 2 paid off. Should I
    A. wait until the new mini S comes out and buy ( figuring everyone will wanna switch)
    B. just get one 03 and up.
    C. dont really have a C option just sounds bad to only have 2 options. lol

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