Fireball Tim chat on will be hosting a live chat tomorrow with Fireball Tim.

To make a little more special, we will be doing the chat live with voice using the ever popular skypecasts (just like we did for Woof100). There is a good chance we might be able to let you answer your questions live as well.

Plus the whole thing will be recorded and uploaded to and WRR for future reference, or if you would like to listen in because you missed it.

The fun starts Thursday, December 14th at 6:00 PM PST. The skypecast should be open by 5:30. Remember, seating is limited, so you are going to want to get in on it early! Keep an eye on this page for the Skypecast.

You will need Skype to listen in. It’s free and available for Windows, Mac and Linux.

Talk to all y’all tomorrow night!