Fireball Tim @ the LA Auto Show

The lad and I went to the LA Auto Show last weekend and we got to spend a little time hanging out with Tim and the gang and we talked MINIs! Specifically, the newest MINIs to come out of the Fireballed Garage, Oddjob and the Nexus Interceptor.

This weekend I will also have a bit of a soundseeing tour of the LA Auto show. Just the lad and I cruisin’ around, checkin’ out cars. Watch for it!

Music for this episode came from the Butn Pushn Teknohedz, found at the Podsafe Music Network.

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  1. I went to the LA auto show last weekend and saw some of the new MINI’s they were pretty sweet, and today I was washing my MINI, then walked over to my mailbox and found my White Roof Radio shirt! thanks again DB!

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