FIREBALLED! M600 runs Pomona

And we are looking for what you think Mr. Hubie Fuh will run in the M600. Here are our guesses so far:

  • Todd…10.27
  • Michael…10.35
  • db…10.4 @ 130-ish MPH

Gabe’s guess…10.20

Now, give us yours. Whoever comes closest WITHOUT going over wins a brand spankin’ new WRR t-shirts!

Update…Upon hearing about the contest, Fireball Tim has decided to add to the pot! Whoever gets closest wins a WRR t-shirt AND a FIREBALLED! Shift knob! WOOT!

db will actually be going out to the track and should have results as they happen.

Good luck!

47 replies on “FIREBALLED! M600 runs Pomona”

  1. All y’all can guess the same time as one of us since we can’t win.

    Also, to allow more people to play you can guess the same time as someone else and, in the event of multiple people with the same winning time guess, we will have a drawing for the prizes.

  2. I’m gonna say 10.47 seconds, though I’m rooting for 9.99 seconds or faster! Go FB Team!

  3. Just to change it up, i’m gonna go with… 11.03 *ducks*

    (not that i don’t have complete faith in the FBR Team… just feeling adventurous)


  4. I’ll guess that they won’t quite match their earlier results and make a 10.67 second run.

  5. Lots of good guesses! Ths cars lookin good so there should be some good action to see this weekend, and we are bringing 2 CARS THAT WILL BE RUNNING!

    Come see the insanity. Gates open at @7:am racing begins @ 9:am

    Tony, that would be an awesome # I hope you win the shirt and the knob!

  6. Being that I’m banned from WRR competitions for the time being (and happily so… loving the armrest!) and can’t win anyway here’s my whacked out prediction:

    The team will have an unaccounted for complication and land a 18.65 with it’s first car. However, this complication leads the team to investigate the second car for similiar problems, and through the magic of mechanics achieve 10.36!

    Now, if that actually happens I expect no winnings… but my wish would be for Gabe to post a retrospective story on MF about the legacy of Liquid Yellow.


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