Fireballed! Racing releases first 2 cars

For those of you that didn’t get to make it out to South Bay MINI Saturday, db was there and recorded most of the day plus had a great interview with Fireball Tim and Peter Bosin, GM of Southbay MINI.

For more information about the new Fireballed! cars, just follow the link below to the registry.

db did the hard part

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5 replies on “Fireballed! Racing releases first 2 cars”

  1. You couldn’t pay me to buy even a pencil from South Bay after how they treated me, then my best friend, and then his cousin (both of whom eventually cancelled their orders).

    Of course there are people who claim a good experience so really all I want to say is ask around before you choose your dealer. Like db said to me once, paying dealer markup can be worth it.

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