Flame Spoke Wheel Review

With db and Todd at AMVIV, and Gabe renovating a bathroom, I thought it was time for something different.

If you’ve heard my in-MINI reports, you know I’m in Toronto, Canada. We get winter here, as evidenced by my Canadian Extreme Donut post somewhere below (near the Woofcast #39 post).

However, we’ve had a change of weather, and I’ve now installed my never-used-because-I-took-delivery-with-snows summer tires and wheels. And the wheels are the Checkmate Edition Flame Spoke specials.


As you can see, they’re nice and shiny. And round. That’s something you notice right away about these special edition wheels. They are round. And they’ve got that cute ‘horseshoe’ thing going for them.

I particularly like how nicely they match up to the rubber itself. That is one nice, tight fit.
And you can’t help but notice how nicely the Flame Spokes show off the JCW brakes. That makes the whole thing worthwhile, imho.

Needless to say, you won’t see many of the Flame Spokes around, ’cause you won’t see many Checkmates around. It’s a plot, I know, to artificially inflate the price of used cars, but hey, who am I to complain?


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  1. I finally saw a set of these in person in Vegas. Pictures do not do this wheel justice! It really looks better when you can see the depth and shape up close. You know, because in pictures they just look like horseshoes welded to a wheel 😉

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