From The Archives: Woofcast #3

In order to celebrate the Thanksgiving Holiday in the US, I gave everyone the week off like I like to do. As treat to you, the fine and good looking White Roof Radio listener, I’m using the way-back machine to offer up this fine piece of White Roof Radio history; Woofcast 3.

We FINALLY managed to get this one in the can. Talking about track days: What to expect and how best to prepare:

  • Be relaxed
  • Have fun!
  • Listen to the instructors
  • Oversteer vs. Understeer and how to prevent them
  • Supplies
  • Mods db would do before going out on the track
  • Itโ€™s not racing!
  • Updates and whatโ€™s coming up next week

Runs a bit long at 47:39, but we think there is a lot of really good information there.

Christmas is right around the corner! You know you want to buy something from Craven Speed, or for you or the special MINI person in your life!

Woofcast 3:

Download | WRR @ iTunes |47:39| Show Notes

6 replies on “From The Archives: Woofcast #3”

  1. Entertaining contrast with today’s show. You guys are certainly a lot more polished these days. ๐Ÿ˜‰

    db, I wonder how many spin-outs on the track you’ve caused over the years by suggesting that one should lift the throttle to mitigate oversteer in a turn (in a front-wheel drive MINI)…yikes

    1. Interesting thought Gary!

      I would guess not many. Those that would spin probably have DSC on, which almost takes care of that. Those with DSC turned off should already be better prepared to handle what their car does.

      And, really, if you are in an oversteer situation in a MINI, you have probably done something else wrong. Lifting the throttle 100% will at least slow the spin or stop it if you catch it before it actually happens (or at least always has for me).

      Besides, I thought people stopped listening to my suggestions years ago! ๐Ÿ˜‰

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