Happy Birthday to Us

A Cakes?

That’s right boys and girls. Today marks the 4th anniversary of White Roof Radio! And in that time we’ve done some pretty cool stuff like.

  • Covered AMVIV more than a few times
  • Covered MTTS. Twice
  • Covered MINI United. Twice
  • Drove from Miami to Boston with 3 people in a MINI
  • Drove on 2 World Class F1 Circuits
  • Met almost all of you at some point
  • Covered almost every major MINI Event in the United States
  • Interviewed everyone that is anyone in the MINI Community

For those of you that have stuck with us this long. Thanks! For those of you that might be new to WRR, take a few minutes and cruise through the Archives. There is some great stuff there.

What’s next? How about Todd at MItM this coming weekend? Ok, we can do that. How about WRR at the Dragon next year? We are actually **seriously** working on that as I type as well (still depends on the timing of MTTS). Plus anything else we can think of, and somethings that others have thought up for us. Check out Woof301 next week for one such thing.

It’s been fun! And, as long as you keep listening, we’ll keep making shows!

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