Happy Holidays!

Woofcast #121 has been pre-empted to bring you this holiday musical spectacular!

We’ll be back next week for a year end recap and resume normal Woofcasts after the new year.

Update…if you only heard 1 song (file size a bit more than 7mb), that was again my fault. It seems that the wrong track was included in the feed for some readers. It has since been fixed and all of the links for the music can now be found on this page. Sorry for the mixup!

Every year for the last 4 or so, instead of sending Christmas cards, I would make CD’s of music. Always a little different, always themed. I’d go crazy too. Custom jewel case and CD label, the whole bit. Well, this year, I ran out of time (and my printer is on the fritz).

Which works out to your benefit!

This year’s Holiday Music CD is a party mix. Upbeat (for the most part), quirky with a Southern California flavor. Would be perfect for the big part or while motoring!

All songs courtesy Promonet and the Podsafe Music Network

Happy Holidays gang! We’ll be back next week!

Woofcast Christmas

Download (38:27, 17.6MB) | Music Only (27:27, 35.2MB, bitrate 128kbps) |

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  1. >i like the first 2 great job db anymore why they spanish lol

    Why not? Normal Christmas music is soooo boring, this breaks it up a bit. If it makes you feel any better, I don’t understand them either.

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