I love this job

Well, not that it’s a job, but it made for a clever headline!

It’s emails like these that really make it worth while…

Db, Todd and Gabe:

My name is William Rudoff (username: RudyT on northamericanmotoring, mini2.com, and mini2.info) and I am serving my country in the US Air Force stationed in Spangdahlem AB, Germany. I am emailing you at home, but I included my work address in the CC.

Long story short, I have been saving my cash for 4 years and recently took delivery of my custom ordered MINI throught the military sales program here in Germany. It’s a MCS Checkmate 2006 loaded with all goodies. Can you just feel the modding vibe coming on 🙂 ?!?

First mod was the iPod adapter. Second is my recent order over at Outmotoring.com for the MINI grille badge holder. Even though I shopped around, I found that Outmotoring.com ships to an APO address and has excellent customer service. I called and the lady, forgot name, and she saved a badge for me (with only three left) as I placed my order online. How cool is that! I also heard of outmotoring from listening to WRR and seeing posts at both northamericanmotoring and motoringfile.com. A big thank you goes out to Outmotoring and their support making whiteroofradio possible and thier willingness to help out those military members with MINI’s. I will be the first to recommend others to the outmotoring.com website. I too will be placing more orders in the future.

I love listening to whiteroofradio and look forward to it every week. I listen via using iTunes. Its a great source of information, news, and stories all about the MINI. As you can tell, I am crazy about my MINI, but then again, so are others so already I feel I am part of the family. It was through the motoringfile and listening to WRR that I found todds grille badges. But the coolest part is Todd taking the extra time to ship to those oversea’s. I also appreciate the shoutout you give over the podcasts. Its good to hear that we U.S. MINI owners are not forgotten as we motor on 6000 miles away from our home land. I hear all about the dragon and amviv only to wish and dream of taking part of the events.

I recently ordered two badges at toddsmodds.com and look forward in sporting the badges here in Germany. I ordered both the whiteroofradio.com badge, and the GB UK badge (order number 1470). I still have two more badges to order but I will have to wait till next payday. I would love to get a badge of Germany or a Germany flag badge. The other badges I want is the silver and black Union Jack and the checkered motoring file badge (since I have a checkmate edition), and the number 37 badge. Unfortunatly I will have to wait. I would love to get a Germany flag badge. This would be a great design request. I will keep checking regularly.

As menitioned in the last episode, number 52, you wanted us to send you an email with our military address (posted below). My goal is to place a whiteroofdecal badge on an F-16 fighter jet or an A-10 jet. Granted its not a tank, but in my opinion, an F16 is much cooler. It may take sometime, but I will make sure the photo is worth the wait. I may even get lucky and have the badge attached to the F-16 in mid flight by one of the figher pilots. Either way, I will do by best to reach this goal. My neighbor works on the engines and has close access. 🙂 Let me know what design you would like to see. A free badge would be awesome, and if you send a free one, I will attached it to the jet in addition to the one’s I already ordered. I can never have too many of those badges.

Feel free to mention, post or use any portion of this email. Please let me know if you have any requests. I can not express enough gratitude and appreciation for helping those of us in the military and stationed overseas. Thank you again for your support. Thank you for producing and keeping Whiteroofradio alive and strong. From a devoted listener and supporter here in Germany, MOTOR ON !!!

William Rudoff

US Air Force

Thanks William! An F-16 with a WRR/MF grille badge or decal would be sweeeeet! And thanks to everyone else that has called, written or commented. We wouldn’t be here without you!!

9 replies on “I love this job”

  1. oooh…and a-10 with a mini badge…too cool! way to go william – we really apprecaite what you’re doing over there… thank you very much!

    todd – hook this man UP ; )

  2. Dude, you took my plan! Arrggghhhh… No worries though. As an F-16 pilot and a CR/W MCS JCW owner, I was going to stick one on my jet. Let the races begin! William, great to see another USAF brother on the WRR and MotoringFile website! Congrat’s on the new MINI.

  3. Nozz, what’d be *really* cool is an air-to-air shot with the WRR badge. But I’m guessing it’d have to be a decal, as I doubt the magnet would stick to the side much above rotation speed. 🙂

  4. Blalor,

    Yes, the magnet wouldn’t hold up well at 600-800 mph. And, sad to say, I’m not authorized to bring a camera into the jet, so no air-to-air pictures. But I will have something good though.

  5. so, is this like a contest now? Do I have to come up with a prize for the first cool military application of a WRR decal/MF grille badge? 😉

  6. I should be recieving my badges tommorow (Tuesday). Being that I am in Germany, it takes awhile to get mail. My goal is to get an F-16 or A-10.

    If Nozz does the F-16, then I will get the A-10 picture. In addition, if we have any other air craft that I have access too, then I will take a picture with the WRR badge on it. Examples would be KC 135’s and C-17’s.

  7. Examples would be KC 135’s and C-17’s.

    Er, would we be able to *see* the badge with the entire airplane in the frame? Maybe you can circle it or something. 😉

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