MF Analysis: MINI Crossover Concept

Gabe and Todd take a few minutes to review the new MINI Crossover Concept right before the embargo was broken yesterday. It’s interesting to hear what they have to say.

If you missed any of the photos, you can see them all in the R60 Section.

MF Audio Analysis: MINI Crossover

Download | 5.7MB | 12:26 | WRR @ iTunes

4 replies on “MF Analysis: MINI Crossover Concept”

  1. Great little review guys.

    As chief among the haters can say it was interesting to hear your views on it. While I have no doubts about the success of this car I still have rather large amount of doubt about bringing a SUV(sav,crossover, whatever) into the brand. Brand viability at the expense of the brand image.

  2. Great review! Lots of people aren’t going to like it, but there ARE some very interesting cues. We’ll see what comes out, but as a brand it’s essential for them to be able to grow. Just don’t know if this is the right direction?

  3. Before the press release about the “Concept”, I had hoped that MINI would eventually release a 4 wheel drive vehicle. I have mixed feelings about this new vehicle. As an owner of two 4 wheel drive vehicles and two sports cars (which I consider the MINI to be one); I would like to have an Audi Quattro MINI. If MINI decides to make the Concept, I want it to have air bags so I can lower it when I want to drive spiritedly, and raise it when I need to get through the snow.

    As far as some of the pix of the Concept, I was intriqued by the interior and puzzled by the two different back doors – why; seemed very gimicky to me.

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