MINI Bocce (sponsored)

Bocce Ball. It’s like a mix of curling and bowling played on grass or the street. At least I think it does since I’ve never played. Not that any of that matters, of course.

What does matter is that if you are one that fancies a frame or two of Bocce, but want to get your MINI on at the same time, MINI Ontario has you covered with this set of Bocce Balls made up to look like your shift knob and contained within a custom, MINI branded case.

Available today at MINI of Ontario. Give them on a call via the White Roof Radio hotline! 866-783-0075. Our man Colin will get you sorted out right away. And, don’t forget to mention your pals here at White Roof Radio!

3 replies on “MINI Bocce (sponsored)”

  1. Since I represent 16.7% of all MINI Connected users in your audience {:-)} you should know that the standard iPhone USB cable alone supports nearly all MINI Connected functionality, just like Gabe said it will do in a BMW. It’s all I’ve ever used. I can exploit Web Radio, RSS News, Google Search and Send-to-Car, Twitter, FB, Dynamic Music, Foursquare, Driving Excitement, Calendar, and (when I really get bored) MINIMALISM Analyzer and Mission Control — all with the Apple-supplied cable. I can play tracks directly off the device, with Pandora, and with MOG and can see the album art on the MINI’s display. Stitcher works great too. No need for the stupid Y-cable. About the only thing I haven’t done is play video using the MINI Plug-In app — but I (and other drivers) can live without that.

    It’s likely that the USB interface that comes with the iPhone 5 will be similarly capable.

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