Mobile Gadge Review #4

51.jpgBrad Day from The Tech Lounge joins me today for another review. This time, the Microsoft Zune. And yes, it was brown.

You can read the full Zune review here, the iPod review here and the comparison review of the two here.

Brad also has a few Zune covers to give away if you have a Zune! Click over to the Tech Lounge Zune review, leave a comment and be sure to mention WRR in the comment and email Brad and he’ll hook you up!

Gadget Review #4: Microsoft Zune

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2 replies on “Mobile Gadge Review #4”

  1. help.

    I can’t get this review.
    its says that its not available; and its not coming up in my itunes subscription.
    Do I have to do this on a mac?

  2. Wow, I must not had enough coffee!

    The problem has been fixed. It should even be showing up in your iTunes as well. You might have to click the GET button, but it will be there.

    Sorry for the mix up gang.

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