MTTS 2012 – Day 1 and 2

Good evening from MTTS2012! Tonight finds us in Charlotte, NC after attending a fabulous party that Hendrick MINI and MINIUSA put on for the owners at NC Music Factory. This event, like everything else so far, has been top notch and a blast as you can imagine! We are keeping busy with long drives every day so far and we have an early call Friday to get some track time, so here is the Cliff Notes version.

Day 1

Started at MINIUSA HQ. About 250 MINIs gathered to get started with our epic cross country trip and all of the owners were treated to some special sites. There is a Clubvan, in diesel trim to taunt me I’m sure, a new GP and a stunt show put on by the same guys you saw on the Today show Monday morning. It was awesome! Not only all of that, but we got the first look of the Motoringfile JCW Roadster, and it’s pretty sharp.

From MINIUSA, it was south to Philly for some AutoX time and to gather more folks. still over 200 strong we continued to motor south to Maryland, where we were bussed to the Newseum in Washington DC where we had a 8th floor view of the fireworks show! I managed a few photos, but they don’t do it justice.

Day 2

Today started where last night left off. Continuing our southbound journey from MD to NC, there were some great roads to experience that the MINI USA Rally Master choose. Or not, for those that decided to go the more direct route. It was a long day of driving that concluded with the above mentioned party. Another long day was had by all. Long, but good. Really really good.

We’ll have more photos coming, maybe some video and, of course, audio interviews. Keep up with all the action yourself with White Roof Radio on Facebook or White Roof Radio.

Go Forth. Go West. Go MINI.