MTTS Coverage: Listener voicemail

MTTS1.pngHow about a little bit of reporting from those of you that have actually participated in MTTS this time around? Plus, Todd did a great Interview with Ian Cull and Gabe where he got their take, after 2,000 miles, on the GP.

Coming down the home stretch gang and we are almost done! Make sure if you are out for these last few days that you go out and thank any of the MINIUSA folks you can for putting on such a great event! Oh yea, thank Fireball Tim and his crew too for helping out with our MTTS Coverage!

MPG contest has finished. Winners will be announced on Woof 92 (September 10th, 2006). Thanks to all of you that participated!

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4 replies on “MTTS Coverage: Listener voicemail”

  1. LOL, MiniShagz. I’m right there with you.

    Can I possibly say ‘uhh’ about 5,000 more times before I end that voicemail? Man, that was annoying.

    That’s why you will NEVER see the dickdavid podcast.

    BTW. The Texas heat must have gotten to me. As it turns out, there were only 56 MINIs washed (but I heard reports of folks not turning in their tickets). It seemed like many more.

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