MTTS Coverage: Todd wrap-up

MTTS1.pngToday, Todd is on his way home after participating on the first 5 stops of MTTS. He gives us his thoughts on the event and, of course, his new GP.

But don’t think our coverage is going to stop here! Fireball Tim will be on-the-MTTS-road correspondant from here on. And, if you like, you can too. If you are participating in MTTS, even only 1 leg, feel free to call in to the voicemail line at (206) 33-WHITE with your experience and we’ll post that later next week!


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One reply on “MTTS Coverage: Todd wrap-up”

  1. On my 2006 MCS the remote will lock the doors if the passenger side door is open. If the driver door is open, the doors will not lock with the remote. Not sure if the GP follows the same pattern.

    Hope to catch you and Gabe in St. Louis!

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