MTTS Coverage

MTTS.pngAs you know it has already started!

To help you get the most out of our coverage here on Whiteroofradio, all MTTS posts now have their own category*. You can access it directly at :

If you are one that is not using RSS or iTunes to get the latest, you can also check out the feed directly at:

That page is also bookmarkable so you can check it out whenever you like. I have added extra navigation to the top of the page as well and it will remain until the end of MTTS.

Of course, the preferred method of keeping up with us is by using Apple iTunes. I’ve posted complete instuctions on setting it up here.

And, if you like what we are doing so far, by all means feel free to leave a comment in the show notes, email us at or call into the voicemail line at (206) 33-WHITE. If you want to let everyone know what you think, you can also post a review at our iTunes page or over at Podcast Alley (leave a vote too if you like!).

Keep an eye on us here and at Motoringfile for the most complete MTTS coverage you’ll find!

*Yes, just like Motoringfile

3 replies on “MTTS Coverage”

  1. DB, its gettin Crazy with the coverage, something are not working on the motoringfile link, the whole interview is cut.
    Anybody have the final numbers, MINI Vs People to Santa B.
    Wait till you see my graphics and the MINI grill!
    can’t wait.

  2. I checked that file and it played fine for me. I’ll admit the ending was fairly abrupt, but that was because I wanted to get it up and posted as close to ‘live’ as possible. I made the intro cool at least 😉

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