MTTS Update: Chicago and LA

MTTSWe are joined again by Gina Koutros from MINIUSA to give us an update for the final 2 stops of MTTS at Chicago and LA.

Those are coming up quick! Chicago is July 25-27 and LA is August 1-3. There is still plenty of time to get get registered. Remember, registering get you a very cool bag of swag, access to all of the events, including being able to drive a JCW MINI on the AutoX course they have set up at each event! It’s a lot of fun gang and I highly recommend it!

If you have any questions about the upcoming events leave them below. Gina will be keeping an eye out for them and provide answers toward the end of next week.

Finally, don’t forget that the LA event also marks the 3rd anniversary of White Roof Radio. Both Todd and myself will be there and we will be ready to make party. Come join us!

Update. For those of you that are wondering, the hotels for LA will The Westin and The Hilton, both in Pasadena. Watch for updates to the MTTS site later today.

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  1. Hi Guys,

    I heard Gina say she would be reading the comments so this is a cry for help to her. I recently purchased a “New Cooper S” (which I love)but I had several problems with the Dealershhip. 1) They delivered my car to me with 4 used tires on it. 2) It was missing a key, the Ash Tray and the Lighter. And these are just a couple of the problems. They also have managed to block my survey (It’s been 4 months). What should I do? It has made wonder about what my car went through before I got it.



  2. I’m registered for the Chicago event this coming weekend, but I haven’t seen the official route for Saturday morning posted yet. When can we expect to see those routes?

  3. Everything I’ve seen regarding the JCW test drives for the upcoming Chicago event this weekend say that online scheduling will be required in advance. Where do we go for that?

  4. We’re here. Been looking for the information you wanted. We haven’t gotten any updates, but there is an address for Friday night at Motoringfile.

    If we get further updates we will get them posted.

  5. Thanks db! I noticed that today there are a number of PDF’s available for download on the MTTS site with directions and/or maps for the various activities.

    Hope to see everyone this weekend!

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