MTTS Update: Whiteroofradio will be LIVE!

MTTSYes indeed, you did read that correctly! After many months of testing in our labs we have discovered that we can, for sure, broadcast live audio from the front seat of a MINI to anyone that wants to listen along via Video was choppy, but we are hoping for a stronger connection then we go in our lab.

All that being said, here is our tentative *live* show schedule for MTTS Miami, Boston and all places in between. All times are EST and subject to change without us saying a damned thing about it.

  • Saturday, June 14th – Live from Homestead at 3:00 EST
  • Sunday, June 15th – MTTS Wrap up, Live @ 1:30 EST
  • Monday, June 16th – Live@12:00est from the car
  • Tuesday, June 17th – Live from the road @ 12:00EST
  • Wednesday, June 18th – Live from the road @ 12:00 EST
  • Thursday, June 19th – Live from the road @12:00 EST
  • Friday, June 20th – Live from the road @12:00 EST
  • Saturday, June 21st – Live from MTTS grounds # 3:00 EST
  • Sunday, June 22nd – We are hoping for something special at around 1:30 EST

The best way to keep up is to follow me via Twitter or keep an eye on my FriendFeed. I’ll post updates and announcements along the way to keep you up-to-date!

Besides the live shows, we will still be posting audio, video and photos at all the usual places.

Along the way from Miami to Boston we would like to meet as many of you will come out to see us. Let us know! We are already meeting up with a couple of clubs and would like to have all of those details hammered out by early next week so we can get that posted as well.

See you next week!

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