In 30 days time, on July 26th, 2014, a very large number of MINI Cooper enthusiasts will be driving from San Fransisco, CA, to Boston, MA for the 5th running of MINI Takes the States. Large number in this case being more than 300 that are driving all the way and, from what I have read on the internet, over 2,000 have been registered! That’s a lot of MINIs!

For those of you that aren’t familiar, MINI Takes the States (MTTS) is an event put on by MINIUSA to celebrate the MINI. Since 2006 it has run every other year celebrating such mile stones as both JCW GPs (1st and 2nd gen), the Countryman, the Clubvan (diesel, on a trailer) and the R56 that we all know and love. This year we are expecting the F56 to take center stage and I’m secretly hoping that the Superlaggera concept makes an appearance along the way.

If you are going, even if for a few legs, even if for only 1 leg, take the few minutes (and $45) to get registered so you can take advantage of everything that is MINI Takes the States! Registration lets them know to expect you, to have a swag bag for you and any other benefits/parties/really cool things available when you arrive. It’s the hottest ticket of the summer!

Team White Roof Radio will be going all the way, interviewing owners, taking pictures and making sure everyone gets their route map for the day during the morning meeting. Todd and I, along with the White Roof Radio Road Crew, will be providing non-stop coverage of #mtts2014 in photos, blog posts and maybe a little bit of video.

It’s going to be a great time and we hope to see all y’all out on the road!