Catching you up on our adventures from #MTTS2014! We are meeting some great people and have a fantastic time. If you are here, you already know how awesome it is. If you aren’t, we are happy to let you live vicariously through us!

For those of you that are on the road with us, let’s all remember to be safe out there and keep it shiny side up! Don’t forget to play the home game with White Roof Radio on Instagram, Twitter and Facebook.

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4 replies on “MTTS2014 Update: Day 9”

  1. It was great to finally have the privilege of meeting the legendary DB & Todd. Thanks again for coming to Memphis. -Don Willis

    1. Thanks Don! It was fantastic to meet you as well. Your enthusiasm for the show really helped boost our spirts and keep us going for the remainder of the trip. Cheers!

  2. hey guys . mtts2014 was amazing. meant to ask about spark plugs . didnt want problems after hearing you guys talking about changing spark plugs . got back few days ago back to nm. what is recomemded for 2012 stock non turbo 6 spd hatchback. just turned 50,000 miles . thanks ! hey todd cool shoes. my daughter was the young lady with blue hair turned 15 in memphis. THANKS we had a blast had no idea what to expect dont know any one who had ever done mmtts. tim scott la luz new mexico 88337 usa

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