On our way to MINI United

MU BannerIn just a few hours Todd and I begin our journey to MINI United. Starting in London on Tuesday where Todd, his lovely wife and myself will cruise out to Oxford in a MINI Cooper D for a tour of the plant and some lunch. Then, it’s back to London for what I’m sure will be some much needed rest before spending the day Wednesday sightseeing.

Thursday we’re off to Amsterdam! We’ll be meeting up with Gabe here and making sure everything is good to go. Friday starts the event and we’ll be covering it as best we can. Keep an eye on Whiteroofradio for audio updates, the Flickrs (mine, Gabe’s and of course the MINI United Group) for pictures and the MU Blog and Motoringfile for the words and video if we do that.

With all the hub-bub, there will not a be a regularly scheduled Woofcast this week either. As I mentioned at the end of our last interview with Shawn Ticehurst, we’re just a bit on the busy side to get together. Don’t worry, we’re going to be posting so much next week your head will spin! Well, ok, maybe not spin, but we’ll be posting quite a bit. If you would like to wish us well, punch up the WRR Voicemail line at (206) 33-WHITE. We’d like to do a voicemail show while in Amsterdam, so ring us up with your questions, comments or whatever and we’ll get it played!

Until London…

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  1. I’m currently at the airport in KC waiting on my flight – first leg, KC to Boston then Boston to London.

    Updates coming as access allows.

  2. Since a labcoat is out of the question, how about some paper towels from the restrooms at Oxford? Plaster a MINI & WRR sticker on there and you’ve got instant, valuable listener swag! 😉 Hmmmmm, I like that . . . maybe I’m NOT really kidding.

    Cheerio LADS!

    Watch those Brit roundabouts – “exit on the left, exit on the left, exit on the left . . .”

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