Woofcast #9

Since most of you have already heard this by now…

We burned through a few buckets of cuss words making this one happen gang. We think you will be pleased with the results!

Huge thanks for our special guest Randy Webb for coming on with us tonight!

  • Randy schools us on adiabatic expansion
  • New exhaust system should be ver very cool!
  • Randy talks alot
  • Pulley Party © Webb Motorsports
  • Popping exhaust sounds cute
  • Randy tells jokes as bad as Gabes
  • Pulley Parties will still happen with the Turbo after serious testing
  • Aluminum coolant tanks don’t leak
  • New Webb Motorsports Exhaust sounds very very cool!

Todd did the hard part

update – For those of you behind a corporate firewall that prevents multimedia downloads, you can get Woof #8 and Woof #9 as zip files. As a service to you, the WRR listener stealing bandwidth from your employer, I will continue to upload the Sunday show as a .zip file.

Just doing my part 🙂
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Woofcast #8

Midweek shorty…

-2006 wheels from motoringfile
-updates and next weeks schedule
-Gabe is a total cheater
-Woof 9 goes up early

Not mentioned, but he really should have…September 1st Todd and his lovely wife Deanne will be celebrating their 15th wedding anniversary! Because of that, no podcast on Sunday. Don’t worry, we’ll have something for you tomorrow instead to tide you over for the long weekend!


Woofcast #7

db, Todd and Gabe get together and talk about, among other things, OEM wheels…

-Gabe is a lefty
-Seedoo’s handle like MINI’s on the water
MINI2 Wheel/tire FAQ
-Gabe can tell really bad jokes. And, he writes his own material
-Space Blue with horseshoe wheels. Click for gallery
-Options for US Market on Motoringfile
-db wants to toss the horseshoe towards a metal post
-Thanks to all of you that have linked to WRR so far! Listen up to the first 5 minutes, I actually mention you. UkPaul, Kanga, Lokisnake, Lawrence, and of course Gomotoring.com.

Todd did the hard part


Woofcast #6

Thanks Todd for doing everything while I’m out of town…

-North Dakota trash talk

-Again with the price of gas

-The MINIUSA photo scavenger hunt

-Db hates logging into the OL

-Does anyone go to the OL anymore?

-Ironically Todd wins a set of bonnet stripes in St. Louis

-Painted wheel arches are like Tom Sellick with his mustache shaved off.

Todd did everything


Woofcast #5

Gabe joined us today and we talked about –
-Todd on a club event Saturday, complete with live audio
-We need Racoon tail antenna toppers
-News and how silly the JCW sound kit is for the Cooper
-Moose vs. Smart Car = Bad
-Dibbs MINI looks like a shoe
-Todd really likes Missouri wine
-Vanity mods – which do you gotta have?
-Next weeks guest
-Can you believe – Todd didn’t mention strips or exterior graphics?
-Gabe has a top 5 list with 6 items.

Woofcast 5:

For those vanity mods, be sure to check out Moss Mini, Mini Mania, your local dealer or Classic MINI.
Todd did the hard part