db & Todd cast #4

Update — ITMS users can now subscribe to the dbmini podcast right from iTunes! Just search for dbmini and there it will be.
#4 is in the can as they say and ready for you to check out!

Thanks to Todd Pearson for joining me this week as we talk about getting the most bang for your fuel buck! We did get a little carried away and it runs a bit more than 25 minutes, but we think you’ll enjoy it.

This is the reason why I did a podcast. You should really check it out. If you do, any comments would be GREATLY appreciated!

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db Podcast #3

I told you I was going to be doing this weekly.

Topic…Driver Training.

I discuss the pro’s of actually going out for a track day or weekend.

Event Co-ordinators – SoCal to start, but I will add links as I find them
Red Line Track Events

Tracks (In Socal) – Always check the event schedules for upcoming events
Buttonwillow Raceway
Willow Springs
California Speedway.

Like I said, I’ll add more links in the next few days. If you have one you would like to contribute, leave a comment!

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