Woofcast 687: db Sold His MINI

We managed to rally together one more time before closing out 2022! A quick not to the affliates, we do go long. We are pretty sure all y’all won’t mind. Catching up, db sold his MINI (and replaced it with a bicycle). His garage is now home to a BMW X3, which there will be more words about that coming (like, it really should be a wagon).

Then, the latest news from MotoringFile, as usual! If you missed Gabe’s review of the BMW X1, go check it out if you want to find out what the next version of the Countryman will be like. We get filled on on life with a non-JCW MINI in Gabe’s garage with a horrible name, product code relevations and spy shots of the G56, plus some other information you will find to be very interesting.

Oh, yea. Feather bowling is totally a thing.

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Woofcast 686: You Aren’t Driving Fast Enough

We still aren’t driving very much, but Todd just got back from Philly, Detroit Tuned is still busy, Gabe is still pivoting. Mini (yes, Mini) Heritage Recharged, which is a classic Mini that has been fully converted to electric, to MINIs specifications. Gabe was even able to drive it!

We also catch up with Gabe and his trip to the UK to attended The Goodwood Revival which is a great story! He even got to meet Paul Smith and check out the MINI Strip Concept!

Woofcast 685: The Loss of a Legend

Starting off with our rememberance of Mr. Paddy Hopkirk. He was a great human that we were all lucky enough to meet and interview. We are still looking for the interview we did we him, but fear it might have been lost to the great server outage of aught nine.

Gabe catches us up on #mtts2022 and thank you to those of you that asked about Todd and I. We really appreciate that. Then, we have a little something to say about the MINI Aceman concept.

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Woofcast 684: MINI Going to the ‘Ring

That’s right. They attached a giant wing to a JCW GP to take it to the ‘ring. Plus some #mtts2022 updates and a bit more on supply chain issues.

I am still struggling to get caught up and hope to have the site up-to-date this week or early next. For those of you that keep with us, thank you! For those of you wondering where to get Black Roof Radio, you can download it for free at blackroofradio.com!

If you are still looking for the coolest #mtts2022 decals for your MINI before the big event, make sure to head over to motoringstripes.com for all of that and more.

Woofcast 683: 20 Years of MINI

I’m joined by Todd & Gabe and we spend dang near the entire episode talking about all the cool stuff that we have seen surrounding this car we all know and love so well. This was fun to record and we hope you enjoy listening!

Side note, click over to blackroofradio.com and listen to the latest extra episode, again, free of charge if you so desire. After you listen, you will understand why I’m a little behind in getting the site updates, among other things. I hope to get a bunch of that done early next week!

Woofcast 682: No ICE in the Garage

I met up with listener Niall Simpson to talk about Minis, MINIs and EVs, especially those that are MINI! Oh, and Nissan’s too. Hopefully you guys appreciate the insight into EV ownership that Niall shares with us!

Woofcast 681: Bring Back the Pop

A whole bunch of new MINI stuff happening, and we’ve got the latest right here under the White Roof! Click over to MotoringFile with us to play the home game. Start with 2023 MINI Pricing Updates, move on to see how The Russian Invasion of Ukraine is affecting MINI. Finish up with some Countryman news about power and range, along with a new some interior updates. Plus, Todd has a scoop on door handles for us, letting us know MINI handles will be flush, like BMWs, very soon! You heard it here first!

Are you looking for #mtts2022 badges and decals? You know Todd as you covered! Click over to MotoringStripes (https://www.motoringstripes.com) to get the goods! Looking for the next Mod for your MINI, plus anything else you need? Detroit Tuned (https://www.detroittuned.com) has you covered!

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Links for the players

  • Pricing Updates – https://www.motoringfile.com/2022/02/24/mini-usa-2023-pricing-equipment-updates/
  • Ukraine – https://www.motoringfile.com/2022/03/03/russias-invasion-of-ukraine-disrupts-bmw-and-mini-production/
  • JCW F60 Hybrid Power/range – https://www.motoringfile.com/2022/03/04/an-all-new-jcw-countryman-hybrid-is-coming-with-more-power-usable-range/
  • JCW F60 shifter – https://www.motoringfile.com/2022/03/01/2024-mini-countryman-to-feature-radically-new-shifter-center-console/
  • Black Roof Radio – http://www.blackroofradio.com