Woofcast 660: Todd Throws a Code

Todd Throws a Code

For the first time even, Todd threw a code in his JCW. We all grow mullets and dream about El Camino’s. Sounds like a normal episode of White Roof Radio to me!

Of course we pick a few stories from MotoringFile to discuss, along with a few other things.

Meetups? Palm Springs in October? Las Vegas in 2020? Who’s in? Let us know by downloading the Flick and get into the chat. Once you get it installed on your mobile device, use the code whiteroofradio (all one word) to get in!

Woofcast 659: Apples to an Orange Fight


A little reminiscing, a little news and catching up with Chad and the last few events in Michigan, including the last Dream Cruise and MINIs on the Mac! 2 events that everyone needs to add to their 2020 and 2021 calendars!

As mentioned, please stop linking up crappy products on Amazon and eBay. Most everything you need for your MINI can be found at Outmotoring.com and Craven Speed. Anything you buy from them can be installed at Detroit Tuned and Todd will make it look hot with custom graphics from MotoringStripes.

You have to listen to the entire show, but we are looking for anyone that would be interested in a Vegas meetup. Comments are open, who’s in? And, for you those of you that aren’t subscribed to Black Roof, you missed some really talk about the upcoming GP.


Woofcast 658: Red Foxx and Ozzy

We talk electric cars, high end English cars and skateboards with clear wheels. Plus, for those of you that missed it, I did manage to fix the top on my roadster! Links on the key topics below.

Instagram hashtags that we dig and think you should follow!

As always, comments are open!

Woofcast 657 – The GP Has To Be Special

White Roof Radio 657 – The GP Has To Be Special

A shorter than normal show this week that is also oddly shaped. Trying to get something while the gettin’ was good. Todd and Gabe were available for about 45 minutes, so one short show it is! Quite a bit more GP talk, along with questioning the difference in power output for the GP models. Gabe is pro, Todd and I are con. What say you? If you are looking for the random JCW GP video I mentioned, you can find that over at YouTube.

Quick reminder gang; we know you really enjoy using Facebook. Here’s the thing; when you leave those awesome comments over there, it’s like talking in an empty room. Nobody sees those comments. Gabe doesn’t see them. Todd doesn’t see them. I don’t see them. MINI and MINIUSA don’t see them. If you want your voice to be heard, make sure you are leaving those comments at White Roof Radio or MotoringFile



Woofcast 656: We Are Limited Edition

It has been a while since we have made a show, and we haven’t made many shows so far for 2019. Listen in; stuff has been going on which has been keeping us from making a show.

Todd is going to get a GP, Gabe hates 4 spoke wheels and Chad Likes ham and I have finally figured out how to drive an automatic. I know I said back in Episode 652, it has taken me this long to figure it out.

We discuss the upcoming GP, the new Electric MINI, the current MotoringFile company car, sales and more. Just 4 dudes talking about MINI Cooper stuff, like we like to do.

Please remember the fine sponsors under the White Roof! CravenSpeed.com, OutMotoring.com, and MotoringStripes.com. Todd even has a special discount code for the rest of summer for you guys!

Woofcast 655: The S Has a Turbo, The Cooper Doesn’t?

Detroit Tuned is doing video, Gabe posted some stories to MotoringFile that you should read, but we aren’t talking about that this week. We start off with shout-outs to our girl Crazy Susan with her crazy odometer readings for a CVT and Xiek, who cracked FIVE HUNDRED THOUSAND kilometers on his Canadian MINI! That’s more miles than Roxy, for the record! Well done sir!

I drive an F56, we compare rattles in our MINIs and Chad is making videos for Detroit Tuned and getting ready to go the dragon. We really think you are going to enjoy this show! If you are going to the Dragon and want Chad and Marzo to do some work on your car, you still have time to book that. Email address is in the show, but make sure you do that ASAP!

For those of you that called us out for the poor sound quality in the last episode, thank you! We knew it and posted it anyway. That won’t happen again.

When you get a minute, check out the fine sponsors under the White Roof; CravenSpeed and Out Motoring. They really keep us going and have been a proud supporter of both WRR and MotoringFile since 2005, if not sooner! And don’t keep these guys to yourself. Share with your friends, club members, facebook, etc…



Woofcast 654 – Don’t Drive Angry

A quick note to the affliates; we do go long this week*. Todd wraps a Toyota, Gabe gets us pulled from YouTube and Chad is trying to sell out of purses. It has been a bit since we last did a show, so we had some catching up to do.

New JCW Motor, a lot of transmission talk, a lot of talk about electric and some talk about sales. And the future of the internal combustion engine. And, and, and, and. Like I mentioned, it’s been a while since we did a show, so we had some catching up to do.

This delay has been my fault. I was busy buying and moving into a house. That process has been completed and we will be back on track with 2 shows per month for you guys going forward. Along with that, please watch this space as I have some plans for things that I am going to need your help with.

Don’t forget the fine sponsors here either. OutMotoring for everything that you need for your MINI and your person that is MINI related. Craven Speed for the coolest, custom created accessories for your MINI, MotoringStripes for all of your graphics and, of course, DetroitTuned for everything else, including full service repairs and custom tuning for your MINI (and other cars too!).

*Listen to the end for bonus out-takes!