Woofcast 655: The S Has a Turbo, The Cooper Doesn’t?

Detroit Tuned is doing video, Gabe posted some stories to MotoringFile that you should read, but we aren’t talking about that this week. We start off with shout-outs to our girl Crazy Susan with her crazy odometer readings for a CVT and Xiek, who cracked FIVE HUNDRED THOUSAND kilometers on his Canadian MINI! That’s more miles than Roxy, for the record! Well done sir!

I drive an F56, we compare rattles in our MINIs and Chad is making videos for Detroit Tuned and getting ready to go the dragon. We really think you are going to enjoy this show! If you are going to the Dragon and want Chad and Marzo to do some work on your car, you still have time to book that. Email address is in the show, but make sure you do that ASAP!

For those of you that called us out for the poor sound quality in the last episode, thank you! We knew it and posted it anyway. That won’t happen again.

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Woofcast 654 – Don’t Drive Angry

A quick note to the affliates; we do go long this week*. Todd wraps a Toyota, Gabe gets us pulled from YouTube and Chad is trying to sell out of purses. It has been a bit since we last did a show, so we had some catching up to do.

New JCW Motor, a lot of transmission talk, a lot of talk about electric and some talk about sales. And the future of the internal combustion engine. And, and, and, and. Like I mentioned, it’s been a while since we did a show, so we had some catching up to do.

This delay has been my fault. I was busy buying and moving into a house. That process has been completed and we will be back on track with 2 shows per month for you guys going forward. Along with that, please watch this space as I have some plans for things that I am going to need your help with.

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*Listen to the end for bonus out-takes!


Woofcast 653: Carrousel

Random Logan’s Run references notwithstanding, we do talk about MINI stuff for this, our first episode of 2019. Welcome to our 15th year of podcasting excellence! We did discuss a few things or I said I would link a few things, so here they are.

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Woofcast 652: I Don’t Know How to Drive an Automatic

Last show of 2018 has Gabe, Todd and myself talking about Gabe’s interview with Pat McKenna, the upcoming 2020 JCW GP, upcoming other JCW models and a ton more! If you haven’t listened to the interview with Pat yet, you should and be sure to comment at MotoringFile.com. Remember gang, besides Facebook being evil, if you want those comments and feedback seen by anyone at BMW or MINI, comment at MotoringFile!

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We all hope you have an amazing holiday, no matter which one you celebrate and looking forward to talking to you again in 2019!



Woofcast 651: The Snow Show

For this, our final show of 2018 (unless something cool happens we want to tell you about), we talk about the upcoming GP (you know Todd will get one), snow tires with Gabe, a little MINI history, an update from Gabe on the MF JCW Countryman and a little bit of news.

Be sure to stick around to the end for something cool. I can’t say anymore than that, but trust us, it’s cool! And, this week’s show art brought to you by JoAnne. Say hi to Duce!

We hope everyone has a great holiday season! We will talk to you again in 2019!



Woofcast 650 – Every Car Looks Better in Maroon

Talking about mods for Hank and weather in Arizona to get us started. Todd tests the MINI Crash Avoidance System which drives us down the nanny feature rabbit hole and some of the best ways to find out how these features work in your car. Oh, and watch how well this driver corrected himself during a crash on the ‘Ring here. And then we end up down the track day/driving school/top down rabbit hole. Ending with one of my favorite websites that I think you guys will dig; http://www.bringatrailer.com. Be sure to check out this TransAm. Oh, and check out the ’57 Chevy that was at Detroit Tuned last week!

This week’s featured image comes from the Facebook page, where Chuck shared this fine photo of his Bitsy Mae on the dragon from earlier this year. Thanks for the photo Chuck!

Finally, we are on Jim Petersen tire watch. For those of you that are east of the Rockies, that means almost cold weather tire season. We discuss that a bit plus tips if your TPM sensors have been going off.

It is a milestone show, so a quick shout-out to you guys for listening almost to the end of every show and even listen through the ad reads. THAT IS AWESOME! We have the best podcast listeners for all podcasts and really appreciate each and every one of you. Thank you so much for being awesome and holding us to a particular level of awesome as well!



Woofcast 649 – Unicorns Are Out There

Gabe reminds us how much he hates Apple Car play in this weeks Black Roof Radio, so we continue talking about Car Play on the positive for you guys here. We think it’s been especially better since you can now use Google Maps/Waze with Car Play!

Continuing the free form show with actual MINI talk from the latest to the originals. Some good stuff in here for you this week, we think you’ll dig it! And, if you are looking for the buyers guide for first generation MINIs, Gabe and I did one for MotoringFile.com a few years back. We still stand by it. And here is the phone mount Todd has and I want: http://www2.kudausa.com/.

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