Poll: A MINI Vacation in Vegas

amviv6shbackFor those of you that aren’t subscribed to the AMVIV Mailing List, this is the latest update from Agro concerning feedback for the next AMVIV

>It’s been a while since you heard from me, but it’s about the time that we start seriously planning AMVIV for next year. The Sin City MINI Club has a new President this year (welcome and congratulations to Mark Finn) and we are contemplating a few changes to mix things up a little and keep the event fresh for those of you who have been here several times.

>I have put together a survey on SurveyMonkey.com. The results are aggregated and not identifiable as having come from a particular person or even location, so please feel free to be honest.

As you can imagine, response to the survey was huge. So huge in fact that it filled up the database of the first survey. Not to worry, you can still give your feedback. You don’t have to sign up, provide your email address or anything. Follow the links below to help out.

If your last name starts with the letters:

Like I said, it only takes a few minutes and your feedback will greatly assist the AMVIV Planning Committee in creating the next AMVIV! Making it better than it was. Better. Stonger. Faster.