Repeat: Woofcast 315

We certainly hope everyone had a great Thanksgiving in the US. We closed up shop for the day which leaves us without a new episodes of the World Famous White Roof Radio. To correct that, I present to you Woofcast 315, recorded about a year ago and in which we discuss all manner of things.


Ah, just like the old days. Todd and I doing a show with Gabe, driving a car nobody cares about, whippin’ up a quick batch of White Roof Radio for all y’all.

CVT bashing, auto maker bashing, the on-again-off-again Rolls Royce MINI, and whale penis leather. You know, typical WRR, like we like to do.

You did hear correctly. Todd and I did an episode of the Bimmercast last week. Go over and give it a listen or don’t, because Todd is going to be re-editing it for Woof 316 for next week.

Have a great Thanksgiving everyone! And, for those of you not in the US, have a happy Thursday!

Woofcast 315:

Download | WRR @ iTunes | 14.9MB |32:33