6 replies on “Robert Test Drives a Lincoln?”

  1. That Lincoln was really a piece of crap. Nicely appointed crap, but crap nonetheless. Who in their right mind would own a monster like that, especially with the price of gas the way it is, and the way it’s going to be forever?

    And Howard just tools around all day, within the city, and on the local highways?

    What’s up with that, Howard?


  2. db, that’s 90 km/h, not mph. BIG difference. Besides, they were industrial side streets. The only things playing on those streets were delivery vans! (Hmm, maybe the Lincoln actually fit in!).


  3. timmee: I meant ‘pylons’, the orange cones that construction guys use to block off roadways. We found half a dozen of them lined up in a parking lot for some reason, and they become the test bed for the Lincoln’s, shall we say, “flexibility”.

    It has none. Nada. If you ever have to react quickly in that beast, you’re dead!


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